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Large Format Film / Darkroom Manipulation

Light Trails (Ben)
Shot on 4×5 Large Format
Light Trails (Adam)
Adam Fractal
Accidental in-camera double exposure, also on the 4×5
Playing with Film (Experimental Photo Class)
I made this in the darkroom. I found the negative of this portrait in the trash, so I fished it out and tried to manipulate it in as many ways as I could. For this one I cut a mask out of cardboard, placed the “face-shaped” cardboard over her face and 3 strips of film on the photo paper I was projecting onto. Next I took the negative mask (covers everything except the face) and put 3 strips of film across it trying to line it up with the first set of film. I overexposed that one and was left with this. Pretty satisfied with it, I think it’s kind of eerie but fascinating.
4x5 large format
HalfTone Hosta

Projector / Digital Manipulation

Patterns III
I used a projector to cast patterns onto models standing in front of a black backdrop. I have a really fascinating series with nude models but I still have to get permission to post those