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About Me

Hello, my name’s Christopher McTaggart. I’m a graduate student and assistant student researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden, working on my M.Sc. in Digital Media and Society.

I majored in Cinema and Media studies at Carleton College, and minored in Art History, with a focus on architecture, aesthetics, and semiotics.

Outside of my studies I worked as a media relations officer, a teaching assistant, and a darkroom technician at Carleton.

I’ve been fortunate enough to combine my academic interests and my love of photography in both the public and private sector, where I specialize in market analytics, corporate branding, and communications strategies. I am particularly interested in new technologies and how they change these roles, but we’ll see if I’m given the opportunity to explore those topics first hand.

I hope to work in marketing, advertising, or communications after I graduate. I’ve always enjoyed the combination of theory, creativity, and practical application in these positions. I have an eye for good design, I enjoy creative solutions, and I am best motivated by challenging projects.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my work, my flickr feed is below, and my more curated work is to the left. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website!

My Flickr Feed