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About Me

Hello, my name’s Christopher. I recently graduated from Carleton College with a major in Cinema and Media Studies, and a minor in Art History. Outside of my studies, I worked for the school as a media relations photographer, a photography teaching assistant, and a darkroom technician.

I’m drawn to photography as a means of navigating the world and building interpersonal relations. A camera permits a new perspective on the things around us, and opens doors to conversations and situations that otherwise might pass us by.

I am predominantly interested in Architectural photography – primarily the abstraction modern forms, and the navigation of a given space. It’s difficult to accurately capture the feeling of a highly engineered space, particularly when limited to a purely visual representation, but that challenge inspires me to keep shooting and pay more careful attention to these ineffable “spaces” in my life – what purpose they serve, what inspirations they draw on, how they function in fostering a given experience, etc.

I hope you enjoy my work, my flickr feed is below, and my more curated work is to the left. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website!

My Flickr Feed